Thor and Bragi are names as old as the Viking cultures that settled in Iceland in the late 9th century. Thor and Bragi who founded Gaman are much younger, and fun, as the name Gaman bears with it.

In 2003, Thor and Bragi founded the Icelandic travel agency of Markmenn, that specialized in group travel to football matches in Europe, and made a significant impact in the local market for outbound travel. Their first company was bought by the airline Iceland Express, but Thor and Bragi later left that company, to educate themselves and explore the world. In 2012 they founded Gaman ehf that operates Gaman Ferdir and Gaman Travel incoming and partnered with WOW Airlines, soon celebrating 5 years together as partners.

The company has grown steadily and the variety of tours, both outbound and inbound are growing at a steady pace, and in 2015 WOW Airlines bought a stake in Gaman Ferdir, that makes it even more fun to come to work every morning. Today we are 11 employees at Gaman Ferdir, and this adventure is just getting started.

Gaman ehf.
Gaman Travel
Corporate ID: 430212-1090
Bæjarhrauni 14
220 Hafnarfjordur
Telephone: 560-2000 

We are open Mondays through Fridays from 09:00-17:00.

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Our emergency hotline is +354 895-5001